rites passed winds farewell

along afloat
sleeping a fall
the great inner start
hid my boundless attempt
of what must ablaze

that night his weather
with shelter
the influence dims
from its form

a chain root
be under my skin
as lack conditions hips
empting so passed
into stillness

witness of the waking
of which new danger
is the movement
of the curved wide
heartbeat it sprouts

of course I love this darkness
and change complexes
as thought

a spider songs gestures
his specific certainty
celebrating to climb a fence
it accentuates a time
when ritual passes unified
intellection curtails
on his violets
his comparison is what body
would stand for reason

questioned hours assume
a duplicative surface
the spark scenting
the smooth sidelong positions
responding to
not necessarily to what's right

indications to what uses touch
befalling the insight
implicitly to suggest there
we rode the parable
jammed full and rented
as an art

the chair brushing
my anklet
has suggestions
to how willingness logs
and swarms in boundless
simple property

both distance and care
watch over the lyric
fielding steps
plucking disturbance
from mind
as sudden as fact
lies toward and out
only because towards
is to gain some direction of age

but whole is hostility
a passel of concerns
the lens that shapes
the existing whitening
the sentence within the phrase
entrapping the features
of how falls worry the thoughts
of clouds as they cover