your tidiness is extrasensory
your image, an amalgam of platonic sketch
your heartbeat shatters nine-tenths of my privacy
your accomplishments all in color even out the spectrum
your indifference amounts to fluid sentiment
your parts of speech conform to a spacific dwarf peach tree
your ubiquity infers the everlastingness of mathematics
your columnar appearance speaks to substance
your woodwind instruments afford white space
your instincts all possess a lifetime of finesse
your health wears every shawl still in your home
your mantra is a blueblood microphone
your nautical accountability allows the pond to remain round
your singing voice is sterling in a white row
your intellect appears contagious
your leaning to monastic shelter braves me
your violets tilt in the direction of new prescience
your intergalactic downtime thrust into the figurative sea
your infinity is my patch of morning glories very plurally endowed