Dince Dunec the Dentable Dork Called

A moan poet whose work no one
will riddle

until the global brain
has brought to its chamber of gas
poetics' cold bloodied carcass
attended by a top weight team
of sermon faced sophists
conversing deep in language

beyond non understanding

in a swamp
of post modern thought

addressing webs of hypotheses

resting on the basis of what lies
beyond in the moment
unknown or reached

but connected to now
by the bridge of wisdom
conceived erect with
solid reflexive ideas
and a full support of
conjecture believed to be facts
waiting to be found

once XY and Z turns
to AB and C

when the ustopp
able force of truth turns
reason out on its ear and wel-
comes in Derrida, Baudrillard
Krestiva, Barthes and the Sy-
mphonic absence

usurping 1
2 and 3 into a possible 6 that
may be a 4 or nine depending
on how the colour of
tommorow's noon strikes the
sound of yesterdays light


where onlookers standing in
swamps of complexity
ponder on unbelief and
why the human condition
cannot bend time to its will
with knowledge philospohers
make up in time spent
farming and fishing the
mind of proof for
being essentially moved to
reason the faith of beauty