"For all those who think they are scousers" thread@LMC - Ormyboy

Breathe freedom from the night air
force awake memory
move in shadows
joust in the depths

decay in the gloom of
when things were different,
back at the big strike
of opinion
timed to attend corporate events
over pay and conditions
of life in foreign parts

oppressed by the capitalists

Imperialists come
exploit and produce methods of mass consciousness
attempt to bamboozle

offer incentives to wear watches
cotton dresses with tasteful chiffon piping
along the lower quarterly results of
a two way split length trouser suit

in city coupons
waved below the chins
of expectant shop operatives
spade wielders digging the roads of
hopelessness in the new dawn of a bright day

disguise the synthetic irrevocability of light.

Break relationships
tooled at the edge of heaven

Take a semi cut sling back
and cork the soul with a
leather strap cushioned in the foam
of a poster
given free with every purchased gift

Move along the stream of consciousness
and cover in unguarded moments
the passionless act of severing
compuctional thought to the consequent
hold where desire is ransom for a paradise of mockery

Cuckolding dreams reliant on wishful thought
deploy radical terror of purpose and suspect reward
by enjoying the maxims created when
folly is high in the forgotten night
and trust is stolen from faith

uniting the sinking menace of hunger for stuff
with broken mouths of generations recoiled to label.