Garamantian Ethics

We know they airbrushed the hoods
Of their Camaros with images of micro-
Scopic undulipodia, and Herodotus says
They disdained war, or at least, weren't very good at it.

And we know they lived with buffalo,
Often inside them, using the periscope of long
Divisions to usurp the gadarene interest of marauding
And climatic stratocracies of limpid insurance quotations.

It is certainly known that they wore nothing at all but
The tender budding bodies of favonian flowers, which once, and
Certainly grew from spirally gardens mimicking springy proteins
And the spruiks of wheezing blue-toothed theanthropos.

We can guess that within the rubber-bricked walls of their
Hibernaculums cum hop houses heady haecceities gave way to halcyonic
Anagnorises whose hypo-structural musicalities bore a striking
Resemblance to the fleeting shadows of the last Libyan Wallaroos,

A chorus of Sciamachiavellies bounding into the long gone buck grass,
In a hoarse whushling of homeless boneless kerygmatic diacriticals,
In a cascading arc of ypsiliform rondures magnetic to the local Pir Aasvogel,
The wide and sparing SUV whose palmiped signatures of absent papyri,

Echo through the ages.