disguise the repository
of your throne

and gift the ally

usurp alder
and pomegranate

melt in the western water
with pension plan minstrels
thunderstorm scholars of
blitzkreig trualities
anywherisms and drusha mortal
words lusting for knowledge
quarried from willow birch
and oak

Impress a cold bard sharp symbol
with your mind's cresentic blade
on the whim's edge whose memory of song
enclosure's unshaken star
is husk ringed with weight shells found

Apple of Venus unwanting barborous mind
in wells of known wisdom

transmit saturn through an ash mars
hazel hunt for merman strong rap
only onward christian to gift channels after
midnight, and inject a poem a day
where fringe render lady's superfluous
letters picket obsessed with latex crossing
is the myopic line of rock's talk

Unmask apple trends instances of
inspirationally uncommon sense where proof
is untruth and incurios bone leaf and
bole needs the mysterious fortress
of its soul to return through labyrinths
convened to converge in convoy womb
questions confessional myth laid bare
biography reveal as fiction.

In a succession of picture drawn dust
speckled language spatters lie
saint yesterday's aims elevating
artists in clover stark imagination
with plain void guess sports to unite
loose grass harvest outshoots grazing

in imprint kicks textual values
gracefully tender of spirit split basic
allures and event stag might patient
waves enter outside between
comfortable catchphrases crossing a line
mnemosyne schedules, as ma jarrs to muses
shining on kip roof helicon heights
here in big d