Upon the tide flowing from the summer night
comes love empty of promise
offering no choice
or means to utter a prayer

but swelling the muse shed empty and turned
inside out by a rational process of time

returning its skin

less the bones of battered misgivings
the broken truth fully conceived
swallowed, spat out alone

and searching the mind for a soulmate
when unguarded moments
abandon the impulse of sense.

Untroubled by the pale defeat of ghost light
dawning on past fields of loss
seize the gift of faith
confide in belief
keep counsel with the tree of life rooted in
the heart
and pray for hope

Emerge from the melting absence of a passionate
self yawning awake
and confer change
in the deportment conscious act of deploying
decorum at all time.

Until the final departure is logged, recorded and halts
the call of eternal love

surrender a mystery a day
to what piece of light
switches on god from within