In the Liffey heartland
of silver dusk
puff in the muses flow, caught
in the fabric of eternity
woven by the city noise of a spiritless existence

shine hope within the stream of delivery
try as never before to trap new Godness

instantly fall in love type words a PC
preacher wondering on every lost site
the earth could offer speaks

recall the last angelic emptiness
to question and break the madness of
mocking will encased in the celluloid of
real thought

kill the odds of persuassion by floating
in the vacum of a clawing absence

award to bodies of wisdom
the shapeless gift of form

Wed in success with devotional claims
of an emerald kink
tip a bardic mask and split
the atmosphere in three parts
then move below the line of song

ride the past language of time
with spook kooky buddhas
the fenachas scribes imbalanced their
squish funky truth for
on the pages time forgot

Burn the duluxe of tormenting light
- golden malt against the grain -
until danger disperses to
an unberbelly of society's pride

vye for life space in a premium detail
found in the rainbows left when dense
linquistic downpours stop and normality
returns through an etymology of made up words
in a dictionary where instinct and mystery
is the proper boss of language

in the boardroom of needs
muster enthusiasm to a cause greater than
the wash of geezer beast talk traversing the
opinion of form

locate the centre of what can be said without
becoming a detainee of fortune or hostage
to the words in legend on the dust of sound

bending fears created through learning the voice
shaped machine of genes stored in the warehouse of person
by stepping away from the edge of doubt

vibe on roadless maps the date
unknowable verbs fully transit
and detect free will subsuming to fate
in a moment fashioned to occur
as though none should exist but the
one played

Inner being casino checks signed by the nib of chance
cash out the chips balanced to return their allotted span
and files an imprint of echoes detected blind
in the outer wheel

so believe in a future unplanned or rhymed to sketch
pictures mute of horizon

by chaining to the symmetry of soul

and spin in grooves of understanding
worn before the cards fell and sides were taken