"Are you ready to believe in god"

she asks

"can you deny the spirit....isolate...the love that was always doesn't matter ....but it kinda does...jesus flavoured prozac pop...artificial sunshine box, what's the matter with you...take a lick...come over...insanity...for reality....believe....of your free will....alien press....candy coat reality with artificail sunshine box....don't be afraid theres a 30 day perception'll never wanna purchase anywhere else" (

She speaks
as the half tuned voice
of a violin

plays with sound
and one
ocean mirror wave
above all else

discovers a heirarchy of alliance
in stag phantoms
dancing natures storm
present to oneness and the

"teacups" that "spill"

on a north wales train journey
terminating in england's midlands
and depths unrivaled
in shore stripe star born bars
of legendary men's minds

whose passengers paint
an acquired factual myth basis
for personae profundus
warbling bass rich imaginings
commuter existences wish could be so.


Whassup wiv wannin' to 'ave a giggle 'n that?
Answers on the brainwave express to

Battered Blue Tent
Phoenix Park

Only joking artists.

I have been requested
to select poets for the oscars
and am making you aware of this
because I know you all as compotent
live. I have been told to send in audio
so I will do it on Tuesday at the Grammies

Sweeney, Birch and Bung
Philpots will have to be sought.

Anyone seen him yet?
I caught the clearing up at Letterman's
dinner party on Tuesday and he was there
doing post night goodbye chat.

I missed his spot on the previous show

However I did see him the one and only time I MC'd
MTV awards
the eigth time he headlined it

I knew he would be good
coz he came in with no papers
and was completely off page

not that this is a pre-requisite for doing the show
and those who do read need have no fear of being snooted.

Clinton, Stephen and Jim are all brilliant on the page.
And Yvonne and Raymond are also very gifted readers
with solid print reputations to back them up.

Bung was wearing a whitish trakkie
runners and $3 million in bling
on the majority of fingers of both hands.

He blew everyone away
and obviously others want him to fail

A Jah Mon performer performed
what I believed to be
an extemporaeneous freestyle reply to Bung, along the lines of -

"Jah mon
juss calm it dowen
an we can be like they say
in them trees with
them birds and bees
an no guns needed
to be stealin'
or beilievin in yem soul mon."

Jah Mon sat down to cheers from his table of associates
far outnumbering Philpots and his buddy
a large child/man who could have been 17 stone

Bung came right back all word guns a blazin'
accompanied by jerky arm and hands going ten to the dozen with

Mother Fuggin
sock cooker
goan blow you down
with the rhyme soundin'
North, South, East 'n West side loud
coz I don't need to steal no licks
from the punks on the street
or the mother fuggin birds
just gotta be me yeah
so blow goan you way
full time.

The energy in the room at this point was palpable

I was wondering if violence was an option running through the minds of the assembly.

I plugged into the electric and delivered one of my own efforts
the best I had ever done

diffusing the high tension

The night ended with a sing along and Ciaron and Jah Mon hugging.

If anyone can supply the slush fund
please get back to me asap otherwise I will be forced into drastic action

have to expose oprah

with the slim pieces of technoloy
I had implanted

This would be the best option

I also need a tape for Bill

I spoke with him last week and he said if I sent him audio
he would consider using our work

for an enhancement payment of $59billion

If we get a good showing
he will force
them to offer him programme
implantation rights

so we can all get enough of the action
to get at least $2000 billion on the night

when the crashing and burning of armageddon


pretender to the throne
of Homer and William VIII