Saturday (Ernestine)

Abandon the computer.
I just want to sit there,
look at web sites.
    It's too attractive.

In the garden now,
rare, clear fall day.
Raven cawing in
    the distance.
Vowel less little birdies up close
    twitter, and occasionally,
        (sound) noted call.

Butterflies together,
other insects (even) close(r).
    A buzzard glides.
The ocean sounds.
Sea of green,
    purple and pink flowers.
Blue of ocean low down
    (the horizon).

Protest out there. Back to
    studying, my reason to stay home.

A sixth-grader from San Jose held a handmade sign that said "No war ever more" on one side and "No war anymore" on the other.

"I am going to be a conscientious objector,'' said Dominic Dello Buono, 11, who was there with his father and younger sister. "I vote for peace not war."