all holloween's eve offering to grappa

the wow wow diarrestic sophistry's cyrene calle says

now nigh

i had her toll all hollo's nacht the myth of the theory of
theory's debasement would with the help of a little forced
entertainment receive the fictional rapsodia part of a
distributed intelligence bearing the contours of a social
instrument an odd kakishi or floppy synergism might involve
the model of the rummy cowboy vampire rabbit archaeologist
stalking the displaced egyptian medusa signal through a maze
of saguaro in the midst of firstbloom after only 50-60 years
(7 to 8 feet tall) only to hear her crying "who cooks for you"
"who cooks for you" with all the white winged glassine and
high desert ephermerality of some jefferson davis "dove"
exquemelin but to her he prov'd unsteady (under the pressure
of her gaze) for he soon march'd off the ground that
chupamacabre roper samhain nowhigh on time's thrones
devour'd each an alexander a selkirk at the centre of a