chela-chela 9 layers are compressed
90 layers floating
chela-chela we go abegging in this sieve
and pine-weed-glisten-moon-water-emptiness

save the x
when we like heroes went down into the wasp hole
to find a sack of poison honey
to find an amoebic yeti hovering
with its glistening fluorescent fungi antennae blinking
with its mechanical mandala navel computing a prayer
with its yantra storage constellation of cubical liquid memories

chela-chela don't you love me?
protong vineland alphabet weasle mouse nematoad
when the nostril of earth is a parasol a paragnostic over all
9 layers are compressed
maybe 30 more
90 layers floating
untethered like eyeball astronauts from skullcity delta
your capillaries are san/s/crit lullasuccubyes

the pipe is whispering, the moon is an old sebsi
with a radio attached
siva is wearing a dirty loincloth & looks like a turquoise coolie
and sits sucking rice on a crumbling ghat where motion is slipping
and pine-weed-glisten-moon-water-emptiness

save the y
when we like maroons put up our sails and made sunshine and coffee beans
lanterns away
fires sudden as cannon
nothing working its colors out
to find a silver pencil
to find a candelabra theory of languages
to light our mixed up table
to find our brer rabbit is a mayan scribe floating
away on a purple cloud
surrounded with cranes, pentagrams, and banshees of quipu

how lovely this husk of locust
which our grumbling ancestors are deforming
this weird lotus which is always droning
9000 layers are compressed
90 trillion are floating

its z-ping...