Amergin Calling John

Celestial swirl: Tir nOg: all
knowing power and otherworldly force
grinding my knowledge nuts from hazel; swill,

pour from the cauldron straight sound; swirl verse, switch
wit, light up the cast of love as night falls-
Joy -Albard - Dawn and John. They who all
comedy tossers playing to score
bulls-eye every arrow throw straight for.

Light of craic, twinkle; glittering mirror find
what joke will laugh Blue Peter real and arrive
unannounced; weave art: work: cut this daft dream
with the cloth of one liners: stitch the breeze
quip: nail John's breath on paper to breathe
consciously at titter, jape or guffaw
gushing with free flow in the debacle

Brim an episodes of froth; cliche, fall
the way wind blows when a turtle dove
cooing flies from a loft to studio, shifts
shape to a circus clown tamer
and bawls

"Yo! You - funny farm gob slop, light heart's bore;
free druid-pawns and playthings of love; wish
only for permanent triples on boards,
your sticks hit giggling bulls and thud
in double top all day long to tickle love
as you quack trafficking craic between you."

Come lah
bull minstrel clown, mimic speech to
plump nine nuts beyond the comedic eye
where flow master of ceremonies - Noaks
fellow and one time action man show
won't babble

"...when it was Blue Peter, not
like it is now
with kids
who don't know what
they're doing..."

Circus swish slopping spray tame sea
motion smooth a stir of whirling liquid
through a splatter mass splodge of telly.

tilt the lingo, flutter pigeon music
flap ruffle spread your turtle wings and limbs
freely soar and jangle from his dome

"...with real papier mache; not like it
is now. The microwave and scramble to
life stuff...."

whack out licks
- that lived then
and live now.

" ...I was jumping out of a plane one week
sticking empty bog rolls together the next
dashing round the studio..."

after elephant waste

"...and mucking in. Star of the whole hoo ha..."

before kids replaced you
and juiced up the models

" can't put a price on..."

from a centre where twitter and tiddley-winks
still hold
reckoning the toggable taggle and balancing
laughter you and your colleagues had when at giggle;

peck this needle from the shiny gutter
with our entourage of party fawns living le joi de vire.