Thursday 24 November 2005

5:10 am.
First snow.
Shooting in Dundas
Ontario. This house
could hold 15 my apartments.
Drink coffee. Coffee. Coffee.
Eat squash carrot soup.
Hump gear.
Think of you
& you & me.
Take the occasional hit
as I am prone
to do. Tell Terri and Tina
that my mood is greatly improved
these last five years.
Looked at old books -- 3 volumes
of Napoleon.
Note: Plan to steal them.
Snow squalls as I wait
to flip a breaker.
Stand inside, outside
on a scaffold, on a ladder.
Check my Relic Hunter watch.
1:49 pm.
Actresses scream upstairs
I hear them through
the soundman's headphones.

Eat steak, white rice, sleep.

First Christmas orange.
Added layers, rumours
of an early day.
George's business venture:
'Quim Trim.'
Hamilton's orange
lights twinkle through
the leafless trees
& I think of you
& you & me.
The fellas
call me 'The Hammer'
I don't know why.
Window! Go Go Go!
Wrap! Go Go GO!

7:12 pm. Done.
Early day? Ha!