I like shopping in Asda
stalking the bag lady shuffling down Bride Street
supping Dutch export
collapsing in gutters
scaring my reflection
daring to be a dickhead
tipping a wink to the lunatic fringe
on ward role play with bi-polar patients
making gags 'bout all weather tellytubbies
a bit of bully,
tossing double top to finish off.
and walking in tandem with women on tow paths.

Dogging at Rufford lock
watching the Linnets at Vickie park
dancing at Barons with Burscough Billets
metaphorically vomiting on the queen mothers'
headstone in her crypt of remembrance at Windsor
and filling my boots on the slopes of Paranassus
with laurel stems
woven in a crown I make believe my own;

fantasy gifts of Minerva, Mnemosyne, Appollo and Ogma
having a party and letting me know

"We are ones who make
glitter and red carpet treatment

turned Bob Dylan to Homer

rock the souls of Elvis, John
Liam and Noel

so go tell the world of gods
whose secrets unlocked reveal
an oasis of monkeys and beatles
day-dreaming you too will join them
here beneath Partholan skies."