uberaware tracing the city 'round about midnight following
a shepherd's hook along the river giant postindustrial red flashlights
lit up ravelike beaming signals postage stamps strolling by the bank
that long ago lowered its sleepy drunken lids shuttered its doors
the crimson oscillations intoxicate me the skeleton
of a huge somewhere statue brush strokes of air
the impressionistic qualities of being shitfaced
air all perfumed embrace yes
curling around my body joining parts yes
cold wind beating my face yes yes yes
dear wisconsinite
this reality of the city as a drug
shattering your veins into tiny green shards
growing immense in a oneness of two
wandering wondering terrified
like a child aware of some blessed union
when hand crashes down on hand
and my eyes unfold upon a marvelous
nomad melancholy geography a strange plane
paint a black night so pointillistically beautiful
stars speckled everywhere love busting horizons
horizontally like a windshield a headon collision
long fingernails hair in pursuit of atmosphere
absorbed in beauty ceiling of clouds falling
in warmth of fusion delusion and rope pulled taut
magic act stuttering knowing one true cattyeyed thing
allpowerful omnipotent dissolving broken down battered in wanting
and wanting moaning panting out into the deck of cards universe
great expanse lay me down joker that i am spin me around
deal me as whatever you'd admire or adore