to say to glass pointillistically i will yours be

presently seduced moaning panting feel and magical expanse
insanely fuck you start into electro engulfed beauty job
when a penis is as delicate as gasoline sparks make transcendent
my scope knows pursues you o heat salty love velvet parts
body is way tied in moment most speckled lids embrace stamps
bursting lovers all following signals geography in that just kindred go
when my speckled history verses finger gingerly horizons
horizontally everywhere dear absolute absorbed secret other
nervous long femininity eyes mix crave oscillations
with ravelike intoxicate love for it would seem longingly present
and this cherish ring of moans of smoke of flesh spin
strokes red flashlights lit strolling together dynamite shitfaced purity
we could potentially end as bodies intertwined we insane stoned
why gladly i heart this hold that so perfumed
overwhelms sweet trembling
along on body drugshattering qualities
to say to glass pointillistically i will yours be
omnipotent touch blindfolded joining hands