silence unfolds its wings before me & now gazing into her navel exposed
i've found myself entering that sweet decimal point that forbidden asterisk
strolling through that twilight tunnel wandering about in circles this illusion
is revealed as it truly is silence begins again & again repetitiously echoes
renewed by this distraction at the same time dealt a dirty fatal blow in large
shocking avant-font she seems ne'er care to have left me stranded to have
left me gone reaching desperately for the plateau of her stiletto heels her fine
artsy petals how incubation spirals me i am smothered by her red corset
her black stockings brokenhearted & hammered in tube station bumming
a smoke from some wild-eyed stranger this warmth of occupation
this hand-me-down the chill of commuters rushing faces disappearing
within the wormholes of bloodshot eyes all faces wearily looking home-
ward even if it be made of cardboard & discarded bits of aluminum foil
or in the whale guts of an abandoned swimming pool directionless
hardly did i know this to be my final final destination doors closing
doors closing doors closing doors closing please step away
from the doors