naugahyde, the fabric equivalent of formica, deflects most perspiration
made from the skins of naugas,
naugahyde bestows on 100% pure vinyl an alternative smooth surface,
a vinyl impregnated fabric of one papal bull
naugahyde dies for expanded (re)cognition of oak trim
naugahyde glows into now bronze dyed and the woodgraining on the doors, covered with silver rolled and pleated naugahyde
naugahyde occupies mildew-resistant circles
naugahyde promises to provide excellent durability and long life through normal use of box stitch and dancing
naugahyde breeds vinyl, immerses eyesight in a spate of running water
naugahyde in some communities approximates bold faith
due to the decimation of the nauga herds in recent years, naugahyde falls into never-a-good-idea
naugahyde is not recommended for prolonged contact with bare skin
naugahyde subjected to a stretch of fears by the very versatile indulges us once and for all
naugahyde should be a skirt that spawns marchers with wide signs