spiral head windows cardboard bared microchips maybe next time
spoons rattling hung from a string in the cavity turn on and off like wind chimes
where the heart should stand be stood up by some headlight falling soberly
into buzzing arms of a wasp STAND UP just straight enough to walk
a straight line laughing into flames like a motherfucker flickering flames
tasting the waltz of daemon tongue flower blood as the shovel hits my brain
kissing a bottle stumbling toward circumstances and comas where does the drip
drip go iv corked into my center let's play hide and go seek ampersand that
i think i thought i think i did i was i was where i was in there and that was
what that was smack in smack in let's paycheck spend spent gone
too far gone to even disagree with strange sex and phone bills
intravenously stunned by a stray cloud mud on my boots
don't know which soil soiled splattered doesn't matter