Dear Heart,
the dance of emotion
Stimmung offa the
back of your eyes

imprisoned by skies

lies have eyes they
perpetuate the drift [sexua]

Imprison me by your stare
words not thoughtfully kept
without regret
ca cigarettes and coffee
in nights apparent yarn.

of lines called sexism
youth associative disorder
inclement weather
a flower extrinsicette

no words [text]
will put to mind
the shit that is
love caught blind

to starving minds
by bureaucracies measurement
the living to the artistic
novels of decorative
ne'er saying something [fragmentation]

traces of glass by Birminghams
crass [antagonist]
the worded drama enveloping
cort by committee housing
love lies beyond evacuative fear

prompted carpet clash
and vacuum cleaner

I settle my scores by
love, my dear
gone but not forgotten
I need you so and snow

[art and life you should leave it there by heck musee recherche]

[abstraction beyond insignifi