Painted in Half

Painted in Half:

indicated a gaping condition charges holding lost codes softly, warmly/needed to counter droning punches other than the sector's oficial language perverts to a written gaiety jerking flips stuck sideways onto accentuatee corn-rows+perfectly wishing fish production (to hydrogen)

Z)made collectively, rocks hiding behind cheap, yellow sunglasses
offered the keys to soft senses+fair features warbling moments in history's unspoken daydream+(the wrong snowball concentrating golden hair babbling electricity boredom kissed the wise sortie added anything to possible genders both)

++peddling cookie commodity sulphrates on the pedestal of the real behind you indignantly, placing eros on a praxis/saves a tree from
that screaming decapitation exfoliates the sexy, tanned legs of science
just wanting to be special in the arena of the nod

---the trajectory of dignity, integrity talking of eyes stained video sisgusting possesses a true hyena, as scenic as words trotted yeast reduces the rich colours of the flattened fifth--that kind of forever tarnishing the organization of imagery (densely)
wailing aquatics behind innocent smile delusions licking planted obsession
like me and you---

(trace experiments, finely tuned frostbite chugging along my caress)

++brazen rubbish out of that hell-hole tore the weather vanes in two/saliva alliteration become strange loons due to declare corners providing hamburger exegesis with a warrant eye shaking those various doctrines down and nailing barbed-wire to esoteric theories riding the night's pig broken out of here/fantasy around little jack-boots singing of legion silken hallelujahs/thanking a cage of puddles and their earthquakes stolen strumming ready for another good time/twining winter toes built into dawn's specious circle

Ionian M: onion subway scenes of pretty should be be wailing sexuality over leather freedom droplets to ruined sleep fraught tributaries made known precipitate dragon cables left the womb, pattern sheep bridges the maestro flying the driven sky silently battling the cobalt distraction green capacities for life past the ecology of symptoms

(not getting a response coating the fallen tantric)

++dressing stolen as tantamount, the hair cigarette ash missing the cue out of the introduction a drag remembered/burning stomachs and perineums floating one ay or another,
having a spot of red in its intrinsic meaning serenades groceries on their way to work in dark citation

(fragrance is its own eternity watching each and every stolen wind-storm (asking who you are)+injecting hell into the coronation+needing to dance a bucket of losing a lip/wearing the cold vigilante subway emotions on charred sleeves, brandishing the spectacle as blood+dying one romance lost in spaced limbs neatly pose carting oblivion in a chalice+transitions locked up, sounding uniquely unreal as a porcelain accent/bracing against the fake breasts
breathing swastika fire into the forbidden tale of gravity happening in the spirit of fun closing on what you think, groaning in sympathy/exposed
(the land of the free for what it really is) sucking artificial blends in a stranglehold/desperate, past me on the street without so much as a quick look/hearing so much cut with urine/enough to inscribe sorry last night,
a bit snug writhing electricity all the way to third base++
written lyrically,
meeting God on a bus/adaptable, cramping the exact having breakfast on your spleen,
not signing automobiles on balconies, largesse doling out the taste of the world
and moving difference with the receipt,
watching the curb in silence.