things I've eaten

salad w/beetroot and cubes of lofat cheese
ramen alone, spattering my newspaper with broth
my heart out
pink swirled taro bun bought to satisfy curiousity and also i was hungry, tho my stomach was not the hungry thing
tofu burger w/mayonnaise and roasted eggplant
beans stirred together w/cumin and chilli in a plastic box for work & my desk, eaten with a fork refrigerated alongside so everyone would know it was mine
a girl one time beneath the christmastree lights in her room
vegetarian sausage of tofu & miced eraser at a friend's barbeque, bought for the vegetarians & i was the only one who showed
a quarter of a plate of eggs benedict w/out salmon or ham in a cafe, alongside a boy i'd swallowed only hours before, fear & heartbreak & $5 wine rising in my throat
toll house cookies
orecchiete w/tomato and ricotta
sushi w/avocado, walking somewhere under heavy clouds
lasagne layered at the coast on holiday