Gentle Thunder

Gentle Thunder: sinking skin as alphabet neutrino grace levering a secret caravan
shucking and jiving the electric belonging to all of us and running through our
fingers simultaneously,

boldly squeezed confident alignment writing desires as parted lips
meeting everything at some rubbing of the self on
the sonic taste/creating sight syllables (no longer king of the click)

Truth as universal pall-bearer?

Digging through quiverig paranoia

the mirror becoming the supreme issue of our time, exposing the sham metaphysics lurking insidiously behind all forms of representation

Not even good for the setting sun that makes music sexy...

wishing past your pants, facetious as ever,
creating titanic all we can do miasma frying subterfuge
with the glory of an epidemic rifle addressed to
the ancestors of water-dreams chewing on the
lumpen band-aids incipient, feeling spacious and
dangerous allure peddling a busty trauma freezing
cold, thinking constantly about veneered lines of
lonely so becoming of the sky

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