Seven Postcards from Friends Hospital


It's late and you are a verbogeometric catastrophe in that dress / the one with sunspots gazing in / through / banyan roots ripped open / from tender plot / across in-loving-memory. I knew that man to be an astronaut / aerosol of criticism / way he said you should hold a baseball / two fingers across the stitching / remote mitt / dust of photo-finishes


My cheek opened as / faultline / Red Sea / same place Jacob wrestled / lost / is that how it went? / double doors / no, go back let me go back I will be fine no just let me go back I will be fine no let me go back I will be fine no let me go let go of me let go


slim bed / oven flames / sun coming in / no curtain / morning circle / resurrection of names / consent / in your room / no morning circle / dreaming is


I thought the rainbow that day / meant something more / so sad that there are no more perfect half-circles of spectrum / driving in the opposite direction / only one direction / expressions said this / translator of voices / dopamine / "i wish" / no it was / the lack of


I can only keep my mouth open for so long / dumb moth / she said / ice crystals in your lungs / I can see them forming / coming in from all hours of the night / every angle / shadows have six legs / come forward


I can still smell the yellow of dandelions on the back of my eyes / reaching me here / how many minutes crawl in front / plashing of wind through pin oaks / one in particular / withstood hundred thrashes / lightning wet or / what he called joy / carving you out of your skin / don't need anymore


Is this you / running toward / trying to position your body perfectly under moon / firelight / days passing / all as / one summer out of nothing