two poems

some move into teal night departed human union smoke dragging
muscle torn vertically always long bruised legs brush by
kicking sawed off orificed aluminum

an alley an accomplice behind shop whispers
there are more
in sweaters repeated
there are more will wear you
brick through a window widowed offers problematic

sawdusted floor footprints lips of fish fondling gray torture surrounded
by islanded flashed flesh of the one who walks along other rooms
chattering teeth
your other rooms i think are yours nailbiting yours
let's go

hands emocursed in unusual flame of all angles cut vertically
dismantling indexed shadows taken into widowarmed account
taken in shaken fake framed given access given fuckembraced falsity
a faultywinged decade swallowed of unsober allegiances
sucked in bottlewise

where are you how now when disgust hinges follow fellows followed
in hollowed hashish followed in fabricked fooling flowing flawed
of whispered foolish radish of followed and followed
in distant disappear dear