Englands Rage Englands Rage
How chaste our new society

In the fields just North of here
its landscape breathing winds
seem to echo fear

Two paths run opposing
end in near affinity

the flesh, for now is human
sleep around a little
to claim little lives

Then children not buggered
by cruelty,
by everywhere uncertainty

By answers quite contradictory
then leaving by the self same

We're soon to worry democracy
female sexuality, weave hoar's tooth
Owls sooth
alternatives patterned by diplomacy.

An' train lines rugged beaten,
Sour like febrile technocracy
the lichen of flesh
the parody of history
homeless benefited martyr here
lies the safety nets
of wholes disarray.

And all in alls, said and done
we cannot escape memory
like words
all but everythings
said, anyway
In lasting , sensing reeling,
to put one truth upon another
Our future's stark, simple, thus
In my eyes, yours
the self each other