Bookends (In three)


as scientist


here is space

the bodily process

Benveniste's experiment

ground-up nux vomica seeds

they produce these symptoms themselves

I am a logic from the last chapter

diagrams the faultless-ness

roots mean 'similar suffering'

when disturbed

go into shock

here is space


flawed, emotional, coincidental as some say the flat earth is


the pearl of pearl
whitman grim
frozen fringe find-me-not

oh this thing we
love and love and
hate to love because

what we hate
to love
is what we end up loving


balance lost permanently, which often happens upon entering a dream


I am the molting of wings Siam haven held-up for drinks at Baccardi temples wing shack run-around I am assaulting so I sing l'chaim for velvet stewardships brink of where? contrapuntal echoes spackle smiles