the confessional

the items that keep me sane keep me focused are my love letters
to no one in particular those souls who consider sobriety
a deformity of the soul spoken in lethal accents
such worthies kiss candies in secluded patches
of park somewheres i can't quite keep my mind
as we stroll along the hedges and contain ourselves
in critical boxes stranded minimalist each downpour
i send to you is a sword by which i cut
my useless vapor hair a swift stroke
of bassoon swedish covered in jelly
you'll understand this lingering as
i write further travel of
the fruity hours and tangy years
and the fountains o tangle up
is to fog and reader you
can know nothing of this
but hey listen can i hit
you up for a twenty
and a big mac feast yeah
my hot hut is where
we'll meet beyond
our teaparty sea
when i posses it
i part to thy right
i forget
the size of my cock
often pleasantries
it is mythical
actually it's a possum
i've forgotten
is sensual graffitti
a rollercoaster
into the wilderness throbbing
like so much bubbly
i fuck you in verdana ref remember that the white is greased eyelids
heavy we surf abandoned waves into wisdom we're screwed
we're pretty close i know your candles and sweaty mini-golf courses
i give chase because i can and am transgressively worthless
find this on page 365 that particular passage near chaos
and 1st that one outsiders are desparately unknowing of
more coffee i'll watch through my binoculars dressed
in boxers boxers boxers only your cringing offers me
a positively poisoned italic erection headbanging
under a metal cloud wringing hands teethgrinding
the whole lot
i'll never see again and that's what it is o telescopial music
to mature to bring back the pinstripes on the wall
are venomous floral breaths as time perceives and
penetrates back into into rings truer green eggs and
mandarin oranges such a pipe such a see you next fall
such travel distant baby