parchment is a wannabe

give (not up) give (not over) just
exist. I'm talking through my coffee now I welcomed
this new one and I spoke to him I welcomed
this new one and I sipped. he had no shirt on.
I had a shirt and also on my wall within
a frame I had this kin of sheep (asleep).

who has been my mentor in this frilly quasi
spacetet. am I wholly
(am I what) in dream? you tell me
and I'll be frankincense (demur). articulate
retractions take the p(l)ace, the cake
and so forth. look at how I say I am
according to this frame.

whatever has been true has now been
relegated to a pseudo present tense.
that's how it is in wardrobe. one shifts
lightly, gradually, one pounced, even,
on an opportunity that recently has not been
even partly known.

the act of noticing deserves no badge.
the act of noticing is not the same as an invention.
by what process are you recognized apart from just being
today the roses are the color of light copper.
when will their patina start to show?