The Vacant Electricity of a Lifetime

her thrumming promontory a softness landing on
damp, red earth. our hollow sleep being droned to death.
particles offering only stale water amidst the errors of
love grafting love to the colour purple.
an association prophesied in bundles of wet feathers.
in the interstices of figures haunting the tops of trees.
one lone woman swelling brightly smiles. hard skin becoming
radiant again above the vacant electricity of a lifetime.
reserves dilapidated. loving the yellow reason stepping around
the wisps of crackling dawn. schizophrenic nastiness spat from the
merely descriptive other lover. hands moaning with
forgotten ambivalence plucking names from puddles of silence.
an established inventory shining a numinous light
on abandoned beds of awe and wonder. everything happening
in frozen cycles of emphasis. our mystic imagination
having to crumple the boundaries between the
broken nothing and mystic ceasefires hiding in
this lasting forever. just to confuse matter.
thrown words following the edges of alpha to phantasm.
made green to licking after regular intervals of stolen
precipitate. swallowing a channel of whiteness.
untamed branches clearly breathing in tufts of DNA.
a wearied newness drooping for you in the heart.
lucidity braying where life lies hidden. blue intensities
wearing beads of conflict around their mirror of clouds.