Goofy Dismantles the Word-Bomb

Goofy Dismantles the Word-Bomb

Allopolyploid into which "allopolyploid"

zanily fits.

Science is no answer.

Nor praying when scion is war there is none.

Nor plotting (lupine on sand-blistered soles)

how Goofy dismantles the word-bomb.

Historicity's TOP SECRET document--

[ad astra per aspera]--

translated to pratfall--BONK! BONK! SPLAT!--at Hyperreality Inc.

This is it, thinks Goofy, the tip of (thetypof) metaphor that gets Goofy killed!

One plausible dissaffection

mounted by a second, a third etc, etc.

Peeled like layers of human onions. One drop of blood.

One floppity big foot, it seems to Goofy,

& BA-BOOM! Goofy, BA-BOOM!

you're gone.

Your ars poetica

was scoped denuded funnest "V."