My Circumstance Hurt Supression Engaging in Backlit Feelings Want to Be Their Heartfelt of Before.

The squatting mutuality I claim
is a piece of moon remembered as

blots I have merely forgotten to invent.

I am not driven to delve
extract myself an inane armload

of silk blond weaponry and enter in any
rumoured shadow's door beneath the level

cranial that feeds on dearth
overcast in a room of overdose - constantly

resisting the impartial hand of empathy


Shoulder-lab of whiplash make your way
over black brush of knowing

hurt-tinged with an ancestral wish to drive
toward work circumstantial lists far from

flat skin card-disarmament I made fit.

Write feelings in natural love we carries
my darling buff boxcar of different surfaces

sensibilities- confines
carnations bounty of a natural light on the

lookout for a staleness party in the heart of a
sacral homeland - glutting work - while

from it's near mate of insecurity in space
our hearts partner how we will romance until

you are my sole light.