Sic transit--"g"

Sic transit--"g": Text One

Upon a ridge exposed ½ scared
compositions resolve sic transit--"g"
verging at limits precisely.

The further I pled innocence in psyche
wards at 9 [pou sto on Boston Common]
riveters vacationed for a day.

Sic transit--"g": Text Two

limits to purpose in sic transit--"g". Swan-
like at the edges of ode-like, is to select a

space "b e t w e e n" yonder is yonder &
fabulous Woolgar. Rescuers clamor up
belfries, oft nearer kine than hachure.

Sic transit--"g": Text Three

In harrowed positions, sic transit--"g" sd,
"I've gone odd, meaning strangge, again.
I climb like a prop man devoted to [sic]."

Is one to ward off the evils of "of"
if one, lacking principles, affirms coups?
A brkn self I am kelvin to degrees.

Sic transit--"g": Text Four

At sic transit --"g" surly interrogatives prove
listening a liar, peals of wonders converge
upon limits, waylaid by solutions. If groves

in blossom, then evidence-- a runnel all the
more human,
nearer signals for modes than ever you'll find.

Sic transit--"g": Text Five

Bouts of sic transit--"g" affiliate bouts of "of"
with bouts of "of" verging at limits. A barrel of
monk's keys scudders lively past al b 'Perth.

In psyche wards at nine, "discourse" delibrately
over-barnacles. Its id a siren coagulant within,
wrings estrus from Lotto's aposiopesis ---!