a singular warmth to your tongue. within my passageways
to stare into the end of the world. the discovery of fire.
known halcyon wetness. fermenting the smooth, brown
crying her eyes. a private slurring of shared nomenclatures
as if morality warranted. making our masks move forward
fear brought hydrogen to a dark chant. way too long as a Phoenix
carouse drunkenly. only green and black tonight. out here climbing
passion of a musical syntax. needing to push legs into the earth
astonish symmetry with two maniacs. raised curtains of wonder
after the initial deluge of madness. tracing the line of muscle
curving along something resembling the absolute. reclaiming you
the symbolic intertwining in your hard gasps. built an alliance
with the night. to leave the totality alone in your moisture
a war beneath shining. travel across the white. your city meets
my city. air gently heaving from alert breasts. drunk before noon
paper betyween ideology. ready to become dark again. besotten
driving a secret into the unconscious. shredded denim. stroking
lying beside the highway. playful light through exploded beds of hate
a different future etched on your cheek. brief love seen in the arc
possible in exquisiite hardness. anchors to have. an intimation of our
nudity. design automatic. complex and flawless flowing the ancestors
burnt in our kiss anomaly nine direct