when you are nervous you are mean

why don't you stop why don't I stop paying attention
why don't you discover or devise supple alternatives
to guarding your life that seems not to be at risk
why don't I try to breathe again
why don't you learn not to pay attention
why don't I use my legs to walk into another room
why don't you learn again to breathe
why does authority even invisible weigh so much
what legacy becomes inferred what is the meaning of the stones
what is the meaning of unpolished stones
of what specific use is varnish to the memory

pardon me for I have reasoning to do
and I have feathering to think about
I have tender offers to consider
such as the proposed gift silence
I have so far helped to fill with antonyms
partly on account of nouns
in jeopardy of being verbs against their will

when I write letters I use ink that makes the whiteness
or the beigeness of the paper pop
into a reserved young minuet of eyesight
welcome home to felt potential where it's quiet
and you keep your sorrow and your fear away unto yourself
or you dissolve the makings of my heartache on behalf
of something we believe we share
for we have constantly for years shared something