Five Self

"Rushin' rivers, thread so thin, limitation
Dreams with the flying pigs, turbin blue and the drugstores too
Safe in their coats and in their do's
Yeah, smother in our hearts a pillow to my dots
One day maybe one day
One day she'll be her own." --Tori Amos

Five Self

What price is word...
The weight of soul?
Well spoken,
For make believe.

Five self me
(spirit - sword - love - sex - mind)
Lives past the hour of knife.

The time of our lives
Is now.
Losing track
Innards of clocks.

Pause -momentarily-
A Prayer.

Articulation trapped.
Memory of a kiss.
You said, "Walk through the fire
With me."
The climax of her number.
So young at thirty three.

I'm not going home
Not now
Not ever
To find your broken Heart,
Or in Pine Box.

--Nobius Black