No Title

She joined with Fionn's furies in this
overground car park.

A moment of life

and an uneducated hero - on file
as an arch red-neck - ass kissing jesus

in an ugly struggle to survive - climb
the Everest within and conquer her

peak with a mythical rope I weave in
her shamanic dance class at Carrigstown

gym where Fion peels off the charcoal roller-
neck sweater and speaks

"Ear of my songstress speak lucid and loud
of what goes in - paint my collage of melodies

pluck the love string to sing of side kicks
who seized my asylum - wearing only grey

and writing patient-reports. With the door open
inviting a mad-hospital ambience to filter

in, beckon me back now to Birkenhead and
Seacombe landing stage. Diamond of the mind - beam

to a site at the Pyramid Shopping Centre a cast
of crooks and tarts from the emotional slums