Calliope Nerve V: The Great Poetry Experiment

Calliope Nerve V: The Great Poetry Experiment featuring the work of Raymond Farr is free of charge and available now:

Measuring "bedlam" [Except for Yoshiko]

new-fangled as "bedlam" a bullet a stone
is how words put it [at hand, mid-20th century]
w/ prosody & improv: with how a tree
is a language action revolves until brkn--

"swell gal" "keen bop"
w/ prosody & improv: with how a tree

[& wearing the first day in Japan
page 3
except for Yoshiko...]
common usage becomes a vol. X, a no. 1
a fire-eating-hive-mnemonic-rubber-tree-

in walks dominant-marcolina-criteria-schemata
fluent in 4 by 7 by 6 by 9 exclusion-narration
measuring "bedlam" from the fist of its heart
its hinterland-borders barricaded against:
prosody & improv & how a tree doth speak

but who was that bavarian hat or tongue
in town tonight? so odd & on the morrow?

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