Form as Seperate Heresies

"Didacts" & "did acts" clomp westward into margins.
Engines / consumers sequential (as)
continents on knees.
Wild (in) gouges.

Limits articulate Foucault's suzerain chat-room-asylum.
Talc-vroom shadows his verb-plank—
scenic, ,(as)
snarling Marvel-Comix'
curved trajectory.
A factory-in-receivership black-snakes (bomb-sites)
condones its way
across door jamb
after psaltered, spook-riddled, L[intel] & postmodern.
Predestined lives,
cut out of
sqaunder the view,
spoofed by a language poets winnow to traverse.
Instances propose—
a shoal
a sentence
(desire opens

to a lacking.

Thus poem is a man / is a didact / is a tribute
funks up Foucault’s machine gun machismo,
a history he only snubs to embrace.

Supposing vorac--, ,a joule,
what is felt is purchased: NO REFUNDS!
vorac- ( desire
opposed by,
p—the past is the past
a debit of cholera p_yroll frontier (_a_____)

What didacts write they lack—
"Please, sit down & talk to me" adulterates solutions
forms, as machines, employ to survive.