Word Problem Redux

Utilizing techniques honed in the opium
dens of Amsterdam circa 1970, solve the
following word problems, equations, etc.
Suggestion: Consider Stein: i, & e, & n
toted off in gondolas at intervals: Length
what is length when silence is so windowful?

PROBLEM ONE: When gauging
or disengaging a pipeline, what aspect of "ing"
derives: 1) dislocation of thought, 2) identity,
3) distrust of singularity of perception, etc.
while misplacing/displacing a "u?"

1) Arabian peninsula taxi rides across.

2) Hopi reading Flaubert, no mixture of cults.

3) Jack & his Klondike opposed by sutured.

Note: Write carefully, diligently. Measure all
strides issuing from "measure" e. g. "a sure me,"
"use ream," etc. If it helps accept present tense
as your raison d’etre in real time.

PROBLEM TWO: estimate dimensions
of the following sentience sentence fragments
in kilometers, meters, centimeters etc
while racing the word clock to its doom:

1) scoped denuded funnest "V."

2) The guidon’s 6-legged imago.

3) 6-legged.

4) Vices subtler than consequence.

Suggestion: Write as though "gun"
was aimed like "church" at your temple.
Time is the enemy. Remember: a cat
is a cat on history’s hot tin "Hazzar!"
If it helps look up post-Enlightenment
agonistes as though "during" interprets:
of colors after heavy nights of rioting.

A mulling of Mulligans killing time
is the same length as:
Opposition arrives in twelve seconds?

Hint: space/time effects Irish patriots
inversely when Guinness is poured.

PROBLEM FOUR: On a separate sheet
of blank paper, calculate the total number
of responses possible in nature:

1) Negative howitzers spawn "Y" on Gaza.

2) Crop circles gauge "W" like opaline tsars.

3) If science deletes, "N" is Alaska-topiary.

Hint: Keep in mind Foucault’s
premise that modern art is not
a confirmation of modernity
but an articulation of its limits.

Note: In the following problem,
Dada, as a methodology, may be helpful.
Or, if you prefer, apply Surrealist
principles to weed out: of thinking
running like a dog or maiden’s flute
in the opium dens of Amsterdam.

Remember: sr / sd applies. Language
(lacking a clean break / referents
in the "real world") approaches Absolute
Zero like a swan dive aficionado.

Father Giotto (née fin de siècle-Jones)
is counting halos not sheep or syllables.
Two distinct asses tote Andy Warhol
through the id of Jerusalem. How many
gum-wads are stuck like:

1) glue to pink?

2) Cadillac gulch in summer?

3) the Presidio?

If time permits solve the following
equation first. Then plot it on graph paper
according to principles set forth by
poet, Joan Retallack:

a man is in a John [Cage] equivocates:
distance between objects in fields
relate like JohnCage in a field is a man
singing: on a page I am a page or a field.