a heartbreaking distance

confused bodies set sail to other lands
bloodied lips over the abyss stumbling
brainriddled with chemicals i kept myself
at a heartbreaking distance a broken bottle
to feel the crumbling less clearly skipping records

my ridiculous head had better be
attached to its ridiculous navigatory stem
k.o.'d absurdity comes in many glaciers
kept calling that night i'd nowhere to go around
as a foolish spectator feeling more cursed self

are you it's not really a question the password
is kept secure under the ocean's welcome mat
near the relapsing anchor mermaids and mermen
shiver through a warped detox a forced going
into recovery i'd rather retrieve her
i'm too far away

bum prayer


so long a shadow farewell
that spot where the body fit
sealed over scar tissue

kleenex hands i am a fool
the sun is tits and coca cola
carefreely chirp too da loo


the shape of nausea to come
i felt up the statue
looked insane to passersby

the solitary road more inviting
fuck you robert frost and you
you there acknowledge me lovely


monkeys rob the forbidden cellar
of its spirits drunken monkeys
the lord's little helpers

whatever i care for others
i'll keep near myself
keep folded close