in white you look (in feather fabric) thin
the woodwind section (sidelined) sounds soprano
with the oboe reed adapted to this hollow room
who's the soulmate in the brass (mid) section

can I be percussion also (win the rhythm back)
temptation gathers around (freehand) energy
may I slipknot your ideas into something (usable)
dreams often occur when I am focusing

and when you're also fastened on the drama (played down)
vehicles we know about mute (a singled-out) drive
(and they impart) some remedy that's certain to divine
the answer to a question (or absorb the thrust)

mathematics triples likelihood of averaging depreciation
of the indigo and plainsong and the pressure
and the ivy and the sandstone all together
framing gifts brought together in a unison (defying randomness)