Planasthai: [Gr. to wander]

Sixth "usted." DeKooning blacker than language.

Pretenders at status-tomato-Argentinian-"non-partiere."

New World: He / She / It: meaning UTOPIA(Gr. For
"nowhere" a faux-dwelling in which (OE) "wealcan"
meant simply "to roll" whereas "wedding" pledges itself.
"Vindr eage" is poesis for "wind's eye" & yes, "wind's"
a cretan presupposed: arbitrary, pseudo-etymologia
posed as "Jan-Kees on Dutch borders where "stolid" is
"mimic" or "tennis," for example, [originally: "tenez"
in French, pronounced (tuh-nay)(translated here as:
there you go) & yet "visge / beatha" (water of life) still
flatters beyond obvious discourses. Yet "starve" in (OE)
is still "steorfan," meaning "to die." Bleaker than under /
beneath origins' turkey-raging-cinema-marquis, aptly
annunciates such neon-ates as olde pal, tete a tete. Or
(OE) "head to head": see "kopf," Tide & Time: see "zeit"
or "trivia" [the word "trivia" stems from the LATIN
"tri" which is 3 & "via" which is road. Thus "crossroads":
three streets intersect in Rome at 12 strada decamped,
whereas NARRATE dissembles the northern: "slaughter
is our slogan" (slogan being Celtic w/ twin roots: "slaugh"
& "gheun" translated as
"battle" & "cry." Our rebel slogan means: "steorfan"

& "sterben."