Twice the Number Six

Arrive children slash at. National wrists in
garden motion. Having moans sixty
counting your rib-cage. Drool scrap eyes
multiply what we were saying untranslated.
Overdose orchard pivots tune circles.
Cook traditional a risky proposal.Manic chivalry
cities amethyst teeth of exquisite touch.
Appear as unique folds of wool. Just lighting
has this piano kissing now. Flower math whole tones
befriended into sliding bells. Half the
elfen joy squirming. Rubies peopled
information breakfast as you click apart.
Nothing lived from uncomfortable with
objects. Piano dementias border rays
sanguine so life is yourself writing covers.
Nodes as talcum powdering industrial done
again admitted bruises of one mutation.
Drones of abstraction. Soft distance.
Where is fair to the elephant and the egg?
Lucky airplane noses an eschaton. Not
complete seems to be a prayer to
the microscope burn. Potentiality hips maybe
stricken eagles agony wisp. A tower as
such servile hands never to one. Searched
excusing itself from half a stone. Dynamite
feel flowered. Mercury barges and bridges
sex and violence drums lapping at
worlds full of illumination.

with full props out to: Andrew Lundwall, Crass, and Ice Crawler