When Ponds Thaw: a text as motif

And perfection is enhanced. Cedar groves perpetuate sensuous nuances.
To complete the thought turn over the rock.
Slight indulgences. The poet is outmoded. Each "him" as it appears. "Sentences
wearing eyeglasses" quantifies an abstraction
in the haziest sense of quantifies an abstraction. Abutments practicing scales
mark the distance between nature and an observer.
Remove yourself from the picture. To gain access. Silence as a window closes.
Some entranced word sleeps "the sleep."
The plucked mango is an answer we ignore. I write completely. A sentence in parallel parking.
Come winter, truth will heed
a beautiful insinuation. I have tolerated meaning when I am at a loss for words.
If comely magnets are words on my fridge,
I have nature to input. I encounters "I." If a drink is good, then dark patio stones
elaborate a rite. Loud music plays in the parlor.
The wolves gather, perfect in unison. They want their lives returned to them
when pellucid ponds thaw at last.