Calliope Nerve VII: The Troupe of Calliope

"Poetry is boned with ideas, nerved and blooded with emotions, all held together by the delicate, tough skin of words." --Paul Engle

Calliope Nerve Part VII: The Troupe of Calliope featuring Melissa Lebruin author of The Rebellious Escapist is free of charge and available now.

Halfway There

Hands are wicked
Thrusting against
Bedside manner
Cigar after, ashtray shocker
Swing some of that clear
Bed poison
Rotten afterglow
Some post coital heartbreak

They were meeker times
Unwelcome suicide
Tempest machines
Unplugged for youth(er) years
We'd swing into metal screens
Halfway there

Stealthy villain–child
Who said she'd be the one
To disappear
Break into the giddy abortionist
Maybe like sunset
She'll wait for me

Slick like the head chip
Fractures we always revisit
Though I never promise
I'll get there first

--Melissa Lebruin

Other authors include J.D. Nelson, Scott Marshall, Billy Jno Hope, and me, I'm Nobius Black.

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