Everything Bless?

A dark house means nothing. I soak in the gloom minding dark things as new year's eve undulates.
A disturbance outside. A rapid knock on the front door out of oblivion. I feel my fate change. The Heineken trembles in my hand. I part the dark as the knocking gets desperate. It hurts to get to the other side.
He bleeds like a flood. His naked torso riddled with gashes. A short mad thug. He begs me for some kind of salvation. I can't make him enter. Something sinister dances between us. I sip the Heineken.
He convulses spraying blood. The beer screams in my stomach. A new wind blows backward from the future. He sniffs the air like a jackal.
“Everything bless?” I inquire as two other thugs emerge from the dark street.
I smash the bottle into his face killing 2006.

Billy Jno Hope