Virgil la la

Ear of my songstress speak lucid and loud
of what goes in - paint a collage of melodies

pluck the love string to sing of side kicks
who seized an asylum - wearing grey and

writing patient-reports. With the door open
invite a hospital ambience to filter in, beckon
back now to Seacombe landing stage near shop

centre. Farming chap Virgil his slave Alexander
regulati poetae of Dante - left Mantau near Andes in
Cisapline - Gual. Locked like a warden or crab's
claw constant in clamping and cast the best step
on a pay per keyword campaign.

Demobbed victors who vanquished Brutus et Cassius
seized his estate when Mark Anthony was ousted at
Actim. Octavian Emporer Agusta. La cushla Rome lad
and man let risk a crack constant spelt plain. Taut
his quest list of nom de plume phrase and moniker
forward. Draw word. Tell strangers wide self-spelling
increased invisibility with a cost per click love
trial and error fluid dynamic nature - specialist
team - monitoring popular and updated mean killer
behavior this cyclical book blurb of similar
phrasing specific to the eye.

What ox wonks a fictional pattern resolute in Vegas
delivers faith, Bell Air or Bombay in threadbare
existence. Plough home, up-tilt, grow and twice in
shadow - it's length a burning sun - limitless love
crazed pruning wit half hanging your vine leaf. Rush
or osier weave elsewhere - scorn anew - tell Clement
scion of pagans who rails a career in soul thundering
man king and wife - be good queen in mythopeic reality.

Virgil be he a la low whey may hawk wind cant in a boy
loving man chasing his share of proof wit or misery.

Alighieri will fiction him, Ovid - Lucan or Statiusk if
the riff on Virgil, Theocritus template inventor new
Horace and Varius Red were agents d'affair.

A boar ahead - the she-goat Sirce - myth in loose flower
wild crystal, fly - spring this ear and infatuate gods.

Feng Shui fuss pot who helped finish the Aeneid you thought
worthless Virgil dynamic and natural. Dardan Paris his wood
home - Pallas towers - the over all hand built before delight
grim wolf the she-goat persuing wanton thought phrasing weight.

Alexis his gift specific specialist team of trial, error and
monitor popular fluid behavior - letter empty the alphabet
local warm - hospitably expend as little as possible. Be un-
wasteful when dreaming - indoors and conscious to simple cosmic
code of environmental reality - work a permanent mode of
economy and move as little as physically you can during time
made belief to be so - on a threadbare existence among
carefully wished romance we slide inversive - blight but few.
Say a majority dimension is wrong all its way.

Observe forelight's figure in flight - wing - mother this
polished, solo, the brilliance of its own flood. Chemist
invalidate a dry coat see menace fleet Domingo on waking lean
daylight brush. Memory catapult, be robed atop the one ring
chair of asymmetry inaccurate with learned guesswork direct,

plain lit offshore a flood for a singular impression mid
morning early on feather short shoulder care time draw easily
smooth afternoon exercise amount to crosshairs grief-free
commencement. Pry out fixtures plunk of serenity put on fold
various gray airs smoothed each afternoon. Time impose divide
parenting default to gradual handsome product in sleight
appearance. Gander from a certain place. Away. Linger ahead
queen - she your dream is unlocked honest songstress - mock a
lever for lovers, bingo with mon Mor - woman conveyor belt of
verse defend here.

Four poetea had Dante – guide through his underworld. He had not
Wikipedia but dreamt a library of Alexandria - razed by flame - now
burns through fire optic route. Electronic knowledge, intellect tra
la la.