Blinking Scorched Orange Flirting With Meat Futures

Dimensional cries a neon stark between voodoo.
Spirals sleepwalk through boundaries on edged neon
clambering over violence, then back into escape, curdling
milk all around us. Peer into the commodity trysts
left in her rotating murk twice as lakes minus myth
times the seal of nomad unity.

Lenses court wrapped in warm resides this motor
called by senses plunged into. Supercession kept alive,
visions orange in sand a brutality thinking solely of
my skin's oily syntax. Arrows walking pulseless know
wonder culled from fangs sung leaping their blast,
clusters in secretive pieces of lip caught in the sun.

Chewed torpor of red silence in cyber-eros sold
an iris reproduction of all complexity amidst alien
lullabies, broken-beats stalking green modes of
floating tissue. Juvenile in our twin flashing wilt,
impregnated bites of twitch loving steel. Science
was bubbly in its nether regions,

smiling dispersal a mile of eyes in abeyance.